AcuEar, Your Dynamic Transformation!

How can AcuEar effect weight loss?

AcuEar is a dynamic way to help you change your dietary habits and assist you on your weight loss journey.  It is a proven and effective treatment for many individuals.  Utilizing the AcuEar approach, your body achieves balance which enables it to lead the way to changes in your dietary life.  After placement, AcuRings provide just the right support to assist you in achieving your desired goals.  You and your AcuRings work synergistically together to make a lasting change.

How does AcuEar work?

AcuRings placed on the acupoints of the ear trigger energy flow through the meridians of the body promoting natural healing.  Ancient Chinese medicine has used this approach to heal the body and mind for centuries.  Westerners have utilized the acupoints on the ear for the last 2 decades.  Once triggered, you are able to let your body take the leading role in your life while letting your mind take a break. 

Diets address the calorie and consumption approach which is to eat less or exercise more and any combination of both for optimal results.  It is agreed that these are important components to "Live Healthier" and to improve our overall quality of life.  However, 1 in 3 Americans are obese and these numbers continue to grow.  Dieting alone has not been the only or best answer for most individuals.  AcuEar allows you to take the focus off of willpower and obsession over foods that today's diets emphasize, and approach it by "listening" to and/or recognizing the signals your body sends, then acting accordingly.  With today's traditional weight loss treatments our minds have taken control and have led us down a self destructive path of disappointment, scarcity and body obsession.  We are no longer comfortable in or with our bodies and treat ourselves accordingly.  Thus we have accomplished the opposite of improved health and wellness with the approach diets of the past have offered, and have increased our risks for type II diabetes, obesity, and heart health issues, just to name a few.

Activating the healing powers of our bodies, AcuEar allows us to gently address the mental, physical and emotional issues connected with our weight as we continue to heal the body over a period of time.

Most individuals will notice the following when the AcuRings are activated:

  • Decrease in hunger
  • Diminished cravings
  • A feeling of fullness
  • Food and beverages taste differently
  • Dry or metallic taste in mouth experienced with certain foods
  • Change in desire for the foods you want to eat
  • Nausea if you overeat
  • An increased desire to drink water
  • Increased energy
  • Desire and energy to workout
  • Improved moods
  • Feeling of calmness and clarity
  • Desire to fulfill one's own needs
  • Acceptance and appreciation of who they are and for their body

Dynamic Transformation Tips:

  • Drink 8-10 glasses of fresh water per day or up to half of your body weight in ounces.  IE. 100 lb person should drink 50  ounces per day or 6.5 glasses daily
  • Start the day out right by eating breakfast which turns on the body and metabolism
  • Eating fresh fruit 1-2 hours prior to a meal can help aid in the digestion process
  • If you are a stress eater, try a piece of gum instead of food
  • Reduce or eliminate your consumption of processed foods or beverages
  • Drink a powerful antioxidant juice daily
  • Eating a lean protein after intense or strenuous exercise helps to repair and rebuild your muscles
  • Adding digestive enzymes and live probiotics is a great way to aid the digestion process and help your body absorb the nutrients
  • Consume a minimum of 25 grams of fiber per day.  If you are achieving this through supplementation take your preferred servings with a meal or food
  • If supplementing your body with vitamins and minerals look for high quality and absorbable vitamins.  Liquid is typically best and most absorbable.  Capsules are second favorite as they are utilized or metabolized better than most tablets
  • Drinking green tea is a great way to amp up your antioxidants and has been known to energy and focus
  • Consuming bitter, acrid or sour tasting foods and eliminating sweet, salty and fatty tasting foods have assisted in weight loss or maintenance
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