AcuEar, Your Dynamic Transformation!

What is AcuEar?

Placement of a tiny surgical stainless steel AcuRing on the ear stimulates specific pressure points which can target weight loss, stress, tension and anxiety relief, smoking cessation and many other pain problems affecting the body.

How does AcuRing effect change?

Once placed, the AcuRing provides continuous stimulation to specific pressure points on the ear.  Utilizing the specific pressure points sends a signal to your brain which tells your body to make a change. 

It is an effective procedure promoting lifestyle changes that need continuous support.  This procedure has been in existence for over two decades delivering relief and providing results.  It is an innovative solution based on the science of acupuncture, auriculotherapy and acupressure.

What is Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy, or ear puncture, utilizes the body's 'micro system' of the ear to treat certain parts of the body.  It has been shown scientifically that different points in the ear demonstrate higher electrical conductivity when their related organ or tissue is stressed, unbalanced, or diseased.  Through treatment of such points, energy flow is theorized to be enhanced to this area of the body.  This increase of energy to an area of imbalance will potentially result in improvement in the physical as well as the energetic state of the body.

How long is an AcuEar treatment effective?

The treatment can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months and varies for each client.  The average treatment is effective for most clients for about 3-4 months.  At this time, your body will get used to the stimulus on the pressure points and a subsequent procedure may need to be performed for continued effectiveness and results.

What is the success rate for an AcuEar treatment?

  • 90% for weight loss
  • 86% for smoking cessation and migraine relief
  • 92% overall desired results
    • individual results may vary
What is the potential weight loss with an AcuEar treatment?

For women, average is 2-5 pounds a week and men 4-11 pounds per week.

What does the AcuRing treatment feel like?

The procedure is similar to having your ears pierced with a slight burning or stinging sensation at placement of the AcuRing which subsides very quickly.

Does the AcuRing treatment have any side effects associated with it?

The only possible side effects are infection or scarring.  Both are avoidable by following proper AcuEar after-care procedures.
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