AcuEar, Your Dynamic Transformation!

What are AcuEar clients experiencing?

With 98% of satisfied customers, why not give it a try?  With no harmful side effects, great customer results and satisfaction this may be just the perfect solution for your Dynamic Lifestyle Transformation!

"My AcuEar staple had made a positive impact on my compulsive personality.  I noticed that I was calmer and thought through things before acting on an impulse.  I had no desire to snack in between meals, which has always been a struggle for my weight loss goals.  I would recommend you try it and expect results."

- Danita, Virginia

"I could not eat as much and had less desire for food.  I lost 20 pounds in a little over 2 months.  I am feeling better all around and have also lowered my diabetes numbers."

-Sadie, Virginia

"The installation was easy and pain free.  I am aware that I do not crave snacks during the day.  Grazing has been cut to a minimum.  I have lost 10 lbs.  I will continue to have the Acuear replaced.  It creates a nice balance."

- BJ, Minnesota

"With the AcuEar treatment I have noticed that my cravings have diminished.  I am aware of my hunger and I eat less.  I also have noticed a huge improvement in my PMS symptoms.  I love how I feel and have had my AcuRings replaced multiple times and plan on continuing to benefit from them in the future.  I have more body awareness and continue to make other changes in my lifestyle.  Thank you AcuEar!"

- Beth, Minnesota

"I LOVE food however, I wanted to lose weight.  After getting married I gained 8 pounds and wanted to lose it.  I am not a person who loves to exercise and really didn't want to eat less.  A few weeks after I had them placed I noticed that I could not eat as much as I could in the past.  I would feel sick if I ate too much or ate foods that didn't agree with me.  To my surprise, I lost the 8 pounds I wanted to lose.  Yeah!"

-Jenny, Virginia

"I was interested in trying AcuEar for weight loss.  After discussing it with the AcuEar practioner we decided to focus on stress and anxiety management.  After treatment I noticed that the sciatic pain I have lived with had decreased significantly.  8 weeks after AcuRing placement I noticed that my pain had substantially subsided.  After speaking with my physician we decided that this was a beneficial treatment for me and I am now able to manage my pain without using the steroid plan I needed this time last year.  I would say my sciatic pain had decreased 95% overall.   I have now had another AcuRing placed for weight loss and have noticed that food has changed it's taste and appeal.  This holiday season I noticed my cravings and desires for foods had diminished." 

-Judi, Virginia

"I tried AcuEar to lose weight.  After having them placed I noticed: no craving for chocolate which was my stress snack - I just had no desire for it.  I also had some foods change taste or just tasted "awful", when I ate them especially fast food and french fries.  They tasted so bad I didn't want them.  I also experienced relief from my carpel tunnel pain in my hand and wrist.   P.S. I have lost 6-8 pounds so far."

- Jena, Virginia

"My daughter recommended I go and try AcuEar.  After having the AcuRings placed, I noticed that I didn't desire food as much.  Certain foods had changed taste and appeal to me.  The biggest thing I noticed was that my stomach did not feel like it was nibbling on my backbone as you normally experience when you eat less.  I lost 15 pounds so far and continue to lose weight by listening to my body."

- Ron, Minnesota

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