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AcuEar, (ear stapling or AcuRing) offers a unique effective approach or triad (triangular) effect centered on wellness, healthier living and body awareness.  The goal of AcuRing is to synergize the mind, spirit and body to achieve healing in the body.  This approach moves from the mind controlling the body to the body leading the transformation.

AcuEar or the placement of AcuRing, allows individuals to improve the quality of their life through a non-invasive treatment with no risks or side effects.  AcuEar treatments focus on weight loss, pain management, smoking cessation, and stress/anxiety relief.  Based on clientele feedback other improvements have occurred in the following areas: IBS, migraines, carpel tunnel, sciatic, lower back pain, menstrual symptoms, ADD/ADHD, impulsiveness, focus, moods, patience, increased energy, peace, joy, happiness and overall sense of well-being. 

AcuEar is a form of ear stapling which has been practiced for over two decades.  The AcuRing or ear staple is positioned on the acu-points of the inner ear cartilage.  Small and inconspicuous, the AcuRing or ear staple can be safely used on most individuals and is considered medicinal in work environments. 

Scientifically proven, AcuRing or ear staples offer constant stimulation on the acupressure points.  They have been shown to be highly beneficial provide significant effectiveness in the healing of the qi energy of our body. 

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